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Jan 312012

I wasn’t going to do one of those looking back at last years activities in Enterprise Vault-land, but in the end I couldn’t resist the temptation. 

What did 2011 bring us for Enterprise Vault?

Of course there is a multitude of things that were done to the product during the year which were released to customers, as well as a lot of work in the background for future service packs, and major product releases yet to be shipped. 

Every person you speak to will probably have their own memories of EV during 2011.  This is just a few of the highlights that stick in my mind:

EV 9.0.2
Improvements to EVSVR

EV 9.0.3
All the post 9.0.2 client hotfixes, including the ability now for indexing on a workstation when Windows and Outlook versions are different bitness

EV 10.0
Many, many improvements, most notable is the 64 bit indexing engine, cloud storagee and FSA filter point.  For the client people amongst us, there is also support for Office 2011 on the Mac.


That concludes my list.  What is there that stood out for you or for your organisation?

And for 2012?

I am not really allowed to go into the details, but we should be seeing at least service packs for EV 9 and EV 10. 

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