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Jan 262012

Following on from the discussions around Client Driven PST Migration is a policy setting which I visit quite often in my test environment.  The setting is shown below in the Vault Admin Console:


What this setting does is dictate at what interval the Outlook Add-in will scan for new PSTs.  It is the number of days between scans.

Assuming that the client has never scanned for PSTs when the Outlook Add-in starts, a few minutes later will see the PST Migration thread begin a scan of the machine.  This can either be the whole machine, or just folders underneath this users ‘Documents and Settings’ location.  When that scan is complete, the registry key LastPSTSearch is added, to the workstation, and the value is set to the current date.

Each time the PST Thread checks for work to do, it will also check the value of this particular registry key and if it’s further in the past than the policy setting, it will perform another scan for PSTs.

What this means to end users is that if they add a PST to their Outlook profile, either a new one, or one they’ve copied down from another location, then it might not start to get migrated for up to 7 days (by default).  That period can be adjusted by changing the policy, but you have to remember that scanning the machines file system can be a slow process so you probably don’t want to do it too often.

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