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Jan 182012

A question which arose a few weeks ago related to what needs to be done when changing Enterprise Vault from port 80 for the EV Virtual Directory to port 443, and SSL.  When it’s changed in the VAC, and in IIS, initially with Exchange Mailbox Archiving there isn’t anything particularly that needs to be done.


The caveat is that if you include a links to attachments in the shortcut that is created by mailbox archiving then that link will now not work.  You need to use the RestoreShortcutBody registry key as outlined in:


I tested this out just recently on a test mailbox, and the important things to note are:

  • It *is* server intensive, and if you have collections enabled, Centera’s and that sort of thing, plan the operation carefully.
  • You change the shortcut body in a report mode run against the mailbox (so you could do a handful of mailboxes at a time during the day, or weekend)
  • It does not rebuild missing shortcuts.  Put another way the source is the Exchange mailbox, and the archiving task runs through the contents of that mailbox, all existing shortcuts in the mailbox are processed (as opposed to looking through the archive and going ‘that way’)

Prior to the change you can see:


I have hovered over the link to the attachments, and you can see it is http

After the change you can see the new shortcut:


Finally, if you DTRACE the Archiving Task whilst it performs this operation you will see entries like:

447 08:19:39.632 [7604] (ArchiveTask) <7188> EV:M CArchivingAgent::RestoreShortcutBody – Exchange shortcut found

In other words, if you see that happening in a trace…  and the EV Administrator says “Archiving is slow”…  the likely culprit is the registry key has been left in place with the value of it set to 1.

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