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Jan 122012

I’ve written about temporary files before, quite a long time ago:


I had an issue the other day on my main repro virtual machine where I couldn’t access the TEMP folder in my Vault Service Account profile.  Well, when I say I couldn’t access it, I mean that Windows Explorer seemed to sit there and spin around and around and around and around… for about 15 minutes, before finally displaying the list of files.

The culprit?

27,959 ExchangePerflog*.dat files

I used a command prompt to confirm the quantity of them.

I’ve had this particular virtual machine since I was a little boy !  Okay not *quite* that long, but well over a year.  Even so..  the accumulation of those files is not good.

The solution to the problem was found in the following Technote:


I added ExchangePerfLog*.dat to the list of file types (so you have to add the default ones too) and then by the start of the next hour, the EV Admin Service deleted all the files, and access to the TEMP folder was nice and quick again.  For information purposes only, it took the Admin Service 4 minutes to delete all the files.

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