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Jan 112012

So I checked my blog site today, and it appears to be a bit broken:


And down at the bottom:


“What’s going on?” I wondered.

I tried a different version of Chrome.  And tried Safari.  And tried Waterfox.

All equally as broken.  Maybe it’s been like this a few days, I don’t know, as I don’t regularly visit the main page.  About the only thing I added ‘recently’ was a blog stats widget, maybe it is that.  It is positioned in the right hand side bar.

Removing that didn’t fix it.

The other thing that I could think of was that I had added a post of a HDR image from Blogsy on my iPad.  Maybe the formatting/novelty/difference of using that somehow upset things.  So I tried editing the post on the WordPress site, and just shrinking the photo down a tiny bit.  Just to force an edit of the page, more than anything else.

Lo and behold.

That fixed it!

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