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Dec 152011

Further to my post http://robwilc.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/its-coming, I have been checking on an almost weekly basis to see what’s happening with regards to BT Infinity..  As I suspected:



Delayed by 3 months.  Tried to chat to BT online about it (Why the delay?), and after 5 minutes … they asked if they could call me.  They did, and I was then transferred to someone who said they would need to transfer to me someone else but then I wasn’t… They were about to do a query to see when it was going to be available, but I told them I *had* done that on the website, and it now showed the end of March 2010 (see screenshot).


More onhold time, whilst they go to ‘look’ for an answer to my question.


So after about 20 minutes they blame Openreach… that would be BT Openreach.. themselves..  I pointed that out to them, and after being told it wasn’t their fault, and that there was nothing they could do, I decided that enough was enough Sad smile

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