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Dec 022011

For the people who have been with Enterprise Vault for a long time, and used Offline Vault, they will probably remember that when you enabled Offline Vault on an end-user machine you got to specify it’s maximum size.  This has all been incorporated into other areas now, but the question arose the other day about this same thing.  It’s internal name ie registry key name is OVStoreSize.  The question is, how can I set that to be different to the policy ?  (Given that the wizard doesn’t ask me during setup)


I did some testing yesterday (evening .. 3 very long hours!), and here is what I found out :


My VC policy says to allow up to 6 Gb.. so when VC starts to build for my first time I see the following :-

30/11/2011 20:00:34.546[2060][H]:     OVSTORESIZE = 6144

30/11/2011 20:01:12.883[1080][H]: CONTENT:STORE: [Offline Config] Root Directory: c:ovrootmanoj1

30/11/2011 20:01:12.889[1080][H]: CONTENT:STORE: [Offline Config] Maximum Store Size (MB): 6144

Sure enough when finished, on disk, I have just over 1300 Mb of used space :-


I then did a reset.. re-opened Outlook, went through the VC setup Wizard, and then changed the OVStoreSize value using the File -> Enterprise Vault dialog.  I then closed, and re-opened Outlook and let things take their course.  I saw this :-

30/11/2011 21:30:29.245[ 276][H]: CONTENT:STORE: The content cache is full.

30/11/2011 21:30:29.246[ 276][H]: CONTENT:STORE:      Space in use ‘1085631269’

30/11/2011 21:30:29.248[ 276][H]: CONTENT:STORE:      Max store size is ‘1073741824’

30/11/2011 21:30:29.250[ 276][H]: CONTENT:STORE:      Reduce store size percent ’90’

30/11/2011 21:30:29.252[ 276][H]: CONTENT:STORE:      Amount to reduce by is ‘119263628’

30/11/2011 21:30:29.259[ 276][H]: CONTENT:DB: DB file 1 was successfully deleted

30/11/2011 21:30:29.408[ 276][H]: CONTENT:STORE: File size of ‘540427264’ deleted. Overall size reduced by ‘540427264’ of ‘119263628’

30/11/2011 21:30:31.023[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Processing folder: 1000

30/11/2011 21:31:13.638[1256][H]: CONTENT:BUILD: JobId ‘1D5054F7C2660104D82C9BD812FA03E881p10000evsite’ STILL BUILDING

30/11/2011 21:32:13.726[1256][H]: CONTENT:BUILD: JobId ‘1D5054F7C2660104D82C9BD812FA03E881p10000evsite’ BUILT containing ‘223’ items

30/11/2011 21:32:24.123[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Processing folder: Outbox

30/11/2011 21:32:24.128[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Processing folder: Sent Items

30/11/2011 21:32:24.908[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Processing folder: Calendar

30/11/2011 21:32:24.914[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Processing folder: Contacts

30/11/2011 21:32:24.921[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Processing folder: Conversation Action Settings

30/11/2011 21:32:24.929[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Processing folder: Drafts

30/11/2011 21:32:24.934[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Processing folder: Journal

30/11/2011 21:32:24.943[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Processing folder: Junk E-mail

30/11/2011 21:32:24.951[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Processing folder: News Feed

30/11/2011 21:32:24.958[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Processing folder: Notes

30/11/2011 21:32:24.964[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Processing folder: Quick Step Settings

30/11/2011 21:32:24.977[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Processing folder: RSS Feeds

30/11/2011 21:32:24.998[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Processing folder: Suggested Contacts

30/11/2011 21:32:25.008[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Processing folder: Sync Issues

30/11/2011 21:32:25.012[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Ignoring Folder (Sync Issues) for trawl.

30/11/2011 21:32:25.017[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Processing folder: Tasks

30/11/2011 21:32:25.049[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Background checker results:

30/11/2011 21:32:25.051[ 276][H]: TRAWL: +Items processed: 1037

30/11/2011 21:32:25.053[ 276][H]: TRAWL: +Folders processed: 18

30/11/2011 21:32:25.055[ 276][H]: TRAWL: +Items inserted into Vault Cache: 10

30/11/2011 21:32:25.058[ 276][H]: TRAWL: +Total items inserted into Vault Cache: 10

30/11/2011 21:32:25.061[ 276][H]: TRAWL: +Download tasks created: 0

30/11/2011 21:32:25.098[ 276][H]: TRAWL: Background checker finished.

30/11/2011 21:32:43.977[1256][H]: CONTENT:BUILD: Completed INITIAL Job filename ‘2011_10_12_0003.db’ state ‘1’

And on disk :-


So in the end you CAN still override the policy on a per user basis, using the GUI (or associated registry key).  Of course you might not want to let users do this, or have that ability.  You can hide the ‘Options’ tab using the Desktop Policy (which is where you change the maximum size using the GUI)

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  2 Responses to “OVStoreSize”

  1. Hi Rob,

    I disagree on that as I always sold this as a feature, not a bug. Users have very different archive sizes and different desktop/laptop environments. It’s difficult for central IT to find a desktop policy that fits all in terms of Vault Cache size. They go for one setting and let users change the VCStoreSize to their liking themselves.

    – So, central IT determins a VCSize and deploy this to the users.
    – If the user has more local space and wants to use it, he/she can adjust this (no harm done for central IT and power users tend to have all emails with them).

    There was a “bug” in at least EV8 client versions (haven’t checked this out for EV9 or 10 yet). One had to first reset the VC and only afterewards change the VC size. Otherwise, it would just show you the increased size but not download the content what freaks the users out even more.

    That way, if people roam to different machines, they can have different VC sizes on these machines. If customers want to “force” them using one size to fit all, they need to hide the “options” tab.

    That’s my input… perfect web-site of yours with lots of info, tips and tricks! 😉

    Regards, Jochen.

    • Thanks for the comments, and I’m glad you have a different opinion, and scenario to cover. I guess it goes to show that you can do a multitude of different things, depending on environment policies, strictness and so on.

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