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Nov 302011

Prior to Enterprise Vault 9.0.1 when you deleted an archived item, and it’s associated shortcut the shortcut was deleted to the Deleted Items folder.  This has the sometimes undesirable effect that people could go to the deleted items folder in Outlook, and drag-and-drop the shortcut  back in to the mailbox.  For a while the item might then work, and be retrievable.  So where is the undesirable bit?  Of course this is based on a false – hope, since the item in EV is in the EV dumpster, and after 14 days (by default) it will be removed from there, meaning that the shortcut will then be orphaned.  A user trying to open it will get just the shortcut, not the full item.  This is not good.

This lead to many a long hour spent by help desks and by Symantec Support in trying to track down what happened.  It is pretty hard to prove conclusively that this is what has happened because of course it’s all non-tracked, and has happened over the period of a couple of weeks (so the end user isn’t likely to remember)


Starting with the 9.0.1 Outlook Addin and later when you delete an archived item the shortcut is now hard deleted.


What this means is that if you want to get the item back (because for example you deleted it accidentally) your EV Admin / Help Desk person must recover the EV Deleted Item first of all and you must then ‘somehow’ get the shortcut back, or rely on using search, archive explorer or virtual vault to access the item.   If you use Outlook in cached mode, you can go to Recover Deleted Items on the folder where the item used to live, and restore the shortcut from there.  If you use Outlook in online mode, you can’t do that, since it is truly gone (and so you have to resort to AE, Search or VV).

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