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Nov 182011

I spotted an interesting article this morning :


In the article it explains how to setup a sort of minimalist Virtual Vault and Vault Cache. 

I like the article, however, I would add two pinches of salt :

* MDC / Metadata cache can be large

Remember regardless of the size limits you put down for disk space, or the number of months worth of data you want to keep, or the policy shown in the article around not storing any content locally – you always get a full MDC file for each archive you have opted to synchronise.

That can be large.

Mine is just under 1.6Gb.

* Consider load on the EV Server

One of the things that can really hammer an Enterprise Vault server if allowed to happen is retrieving content for items in Virtual Vault as users pass-over them.  By that I mean that typically you might have the reading pane open, and an end user might click on the first item in a folder in Virtual Vault, browse the reading pane for .5 seconds, then click down arrow, browse the reading pane for .5 seconds, then click down arrow… and repeat 500 times.

Each of these can result in a request to download.asp to get the content of the item to display in the reading pane.

There are two ways that you can stop this happening :

1/ Change the Virtual Vault content policy


Change it to either of the two options, for your end user Desktop Policies, and synchronise the archives.

2/ Instruct users to turn off the reading pane

Obviously this one is a bit more difficult to ‘enforce’ – and if anyone knows of a way to force it off, let me know Smile

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  One Response to “Vault Cache–The Minimalist Way”

  1. Hence why the Always show content option has been taken out of the product.

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