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Oct 252011

One of the features added to Exchange 2010 is throttling of connections/usage on a user by user basis.  This can have detrimental side effects to applications, such as Enterprise Vault, which need the concept of a Service Account.

In some situations the Vault Service account can cross the thresholds laid out in the throttling policy applied as a default to all Exchange 2010 leading to all sorts of odd behaviour, notably around Exchange Mailbox Archiving, and the failure of it.

Enterprise Vault 9, which added support for Exchange 2010 as a target for archiving, provided a helpful script called :


This file can be used to lift the restrictions for the Vault Service Account.  However, it does this by setting the largest possible values for each of the entries in the Throttling Policy.  This isn’t always something that customers want to do, and therefore the question is :

“Can I set the value to a high value, without setting it to unlimited?”

The answer is that “Yes .. you can”.  How high the limit should be is something which is organisation, and configuration specific, but the end result is that you can, with some experimentation (and possibly several rounds of change control to get the changes implemented) find an optimal value without it being “unlimited”.

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