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Oct 132011

I upgraded my iPad to iOS 5 last night.  It took about 1.5 hours, and that includes downloading the 700 ish Mb binary.  The upgrade was pretty seamless the only thing that didn’t work was automatically restoring the apps following on from the upgrade.  That’s no big deal, because one-more regular synch sorted that out.


I’ve also upgraded my girlfriends iPhone 4 this morning.  Same thing happened, but otherwise, pretty seamless.


I notice on iPad the double click home on the lock screen, does NOT give a camera button next to the unlock swipe.  It does on the iPhone.


The iCloud stuff is pretty cool.  I took a photo on the iPhone and it appeared in the Photo Stream of the iPad and the iPhone pretty quickly (eg seconds).  Same the other way too.  It’s interesting that the photos are apparently only kept on iCloud for 30 days… but still.   I’m also not sure (haven’t tried) if videos follow the same route.


I REALLY like the wireless synching.  I dragged and dropped a new album on to iTunes on the PC, and then did a Sync Now on the iPad and in less than a minute the new album was on my iPad as well.


That I really like !


I suppose, for me, Twitter everywhere is also quite good… but I had it almost everywhere before.


Not really played with iMessage yet, other than a quick test message.


Overall :  Yeah it’s good.. but what’s next?  I want to be able to share photos between iClouders, and all that Google+ type of stuff ! Smile

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