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Oct 072011

Earlier this week a colleague in Support asked me to have a look at some trace output from EVPM.  You can guess that EVPM wasn’t working, but, mailbox archiving, synchronisation, provisioning, etc, were all fine.  “Just” EVPM was failing.  The trace showed :

44         17:02:08.255     [9092]  (EVPM) <7104> EV:M    CMAPISession::CreateMapiSession – Get PR_MAILBOX_OWNER_ENTRYID

45         17:02:08.255     [9092]  (EVPM) <7104> EV:M    CMAPISession::CreateMapiSession – Release Mutex(2)

46         17:02:08.255     [9092]  (EVPM) <7104> EV:M    CMAPISession::ClearProfileCache()

47         17:02:08.255     [9092]  (EVPM) <7104> EV:M    CMAPISession::CloseMapiSession – Entry

On my lab server, the trace shows :

390 03:57:28.182 [10,264] (EVPM) <26680> EV:M CMAPISession::CreateMapiSession – Get PR_MAILBOX_OWNER_ENTRYID

391 03:57:28.198 [10,264] (EVPM) <26680> EV:M CMAPISession::CreateMapiSession – OpenEntry(IMailUser)

392 03:57:28.198 [10,264] (EVPM) <26680> EV:M CMAPISession::CreateMapiSession – Get PR_EMAIL_ADDRESS

393 03:57:28.198 [10,264] (EVPM) <26680> EV:M CMAPISession::CreateMapiSession – Get IExchangeManageStore interface

394 03:57:28.214 [10,264] (EVPM) <26680> EV:M CMAPISession::CreateMapiSession – Release Mutex(1)

395 03:57:28.214 [10,264] (EVPM) <26680> EV:M CMAPISession::GetMapiSessionFromPoolEx: Exit status: 0x0

The failing trace was taken from Outlook 2007 on an EV server.  The customer in question had Outlook 2003 on another EV server, and EVPM was working fine on there !  In the first trace the part which is failing is straight after Get PR_MAILBOX_OWNER_ENTRYID.

On investigation, when I create a cached mode Outlook profile, there is no MAPI property called PR_MAILBOX_OWNER_ENTRYID on the message store, when I check with Outlook Spy.  There is when I use an Online Outlook profile.

So there is a clue !

I used the Group Policy Template, and adjusted my GPO to have :


The second option which is “Enabled” isn’t relevant – I just set that so that I could see additional effects on the client.

Now on Outlook 2007 when I create a profile I see :


The “Use Cached Exchange Mode” checkbox is enabled, and greyed out.

On Outlook 2003, it appears to have no effect :


In addition, when I put Outlook 2007 on my EV server, my EVPM now fails in the exact same way !

The moral of this story is that GPO’s need to be watched out for !

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