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Oct 072011

So the next thing to do is a quick message box type of thing somewhere on the form to output the current maximum window dimensions – I’ll need those later on, but the thought came in to my head to check it now.. so there you go.

The values returned by this :-

MessageBox.Show("Maximum size = " + this.MaximumSize);

Are :


Given that my screen is 1366 x 768, then I *think* I have the viewable area in my form.  Time will tell, I guess Smile

The next thing was to plonk an image control on to the form, and put an image in it.  That is fairly easy, and I just set the path (hard coded for now) to :-

pictureBox1.ImageLocation = 
     @"C:My Dropboxcode~CodingDocsBackgroundReadingPicture 1.jpg";

    So that’s fine too.
    The problem though is that the image isn’t resized in the window, it’s just part of the original image :


      That’s meant to show my iPad screen, the whole of it.  Fortunately there is a SizeMode attribute of the picture control, I thought that AutoSize would do the trick, but that just makes the image huge – not the size that I wanted it.  It turns out the “right” answer is StretchImage :


        So in code I now have :
        pictureBox1.ImageLocation = 
               @"C:My Dropboxcode~CodingDocsBackgroundReadingPicture 1.jpg";
        pictureBox1.SizeMode = PictureBoxSizeMode.StretchImage;
        pictureBox1.BorderStyle = BorderStyle.FixedSingle;
        Time Spent So Far : 60 minutes

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