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Sep 112011

Historically the Enterprise Vault Outlook Addin needed the forms it uses for archived items, pending items and so on to be deployed to your Organizational Forms container in Microsoft Exchange.  This was a *pain* for *many* customers.

There was a post Enterprise Vault 7 SP 1 hotfix, and inclusion in SP 2, and EV 2007 which added a new option.  This was the ability to “deploy forms locally”.  This meant that the reliance on Organizational Forms publishing was lifted. 

Now it’s commonplace to have the setting in the Desktop Policy to be set to “Always”.  Here is a screenshot from my Enterprise Vault 9.0.2 Server:


When you set it to the non-default, and synchronise a users mailbox you will see the options reflected in the client log as follows:

11/09/2011 08:19:07.267[ 924]:     DEFAULTARCHIVEID = 16F36556C8FAB6A4C9972431BDBF856A91110000evsite
11/09/2011 08:19:07.267[ 924]:     DEFAULTDOUBLECLICKVIEW = 0
11/09/2011 08:19:07.268[ 924]:     DEFAULTRETENTIONCATEGORYID = 1064EA2220AA1774199F44FAEAB0D81291b10000evsite
11/09/2011 08:19:07.268[ 924]:     DEFAULTWEBAPPURL = http://evsite.EV.Local/EnterpriseVault
11/09/2011 08:19:07.268[ 924]:     DELETEBTNVISIBLE = 0
11/09/2011 08:19:07.269[ 924]:     DELETEORIGINALITEM = 2
11/09/2011 08:19:07.269[ 924]:     DEPLOYFORMSLOCALLY = 2

And later with :

11/09/2011 08:19:07.590[ 404]: Located the EV language folder: C:Program FilesEnterprise VaultLanguagesFormsen
11/09/2011 08:19:07.591[ 404]: ~DesktopCommon::GetLanguageFolderPath: 0x0
11/09/2011 08:19:07.591[ 404]: LoadEVFormsIntoPersonalLibrary: 0x0

11/09/2011 08:19:07.911[ 404]: IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.Shortcut.DeleteMe: Form in Personal Form Library is the same as the FDM file (V9.0.2-001)
11/09/2011 08:19:07.938[ 404]: Successfully loaded form file: C:Program FilesEnterprise VaultLanguagesFormsenEVPendingRestore.fdm

In addition, you can see the forms on disk, on each client installation as follows:


My recommendation would be to have the option in the policy set to “always”, and then you pretty much don’t have to worry about it.  It has been a good change to the product – there are significantly fewer cases on this area of Enterprise Vault now that this policy setting has been implemented.

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