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Aug 082011

A commonly asked question is how you can recover/restore items that have been deleted from an end-user archive in Enterprise Vault.  Many customers allow end users to delete items from their mailbox archive, and have the policy set up so that deleting an item deletes the shortcut and the archived item. 

When creating the desktop policy you do have a choice of what you allow users to do :


Both deleted means that the archived item, and the shortcut are deleted.  The question then is what happens in the “uh-oh” moment afterwards where an end-user realises that they didn’t want to delete the item, and now they want it back.

In Enterprise Vault 8 recovery of deleted items was added to Enterprise Vault.


This is a site wide setting.  You, as an administrator, can control the number of days that items are kept for.

Now if a user accidentally deletes some items, you, or a help desk operative can restore / recover the items by going to the properties of the users archive in the Vault Administration Console and choose to restore the items from there.

It isn’t granular though – it’s all the items in the users “dumpster”, you can’t pick individual items, but that’s okay, the user can re-delete the ones that they don’t actually one.  In fact reviewing them might be a good idea at that time.

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