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Aug 042011

With Enterprise Vault 9, a change was made in the Certification/Support matrix with regards to supported versions of Internet Explorer.  As of Enterprise Vault 9, Internet Explorer 6 is no longer supported :


What this means is that if you have a server, where you wish to install Enterprise Vault, the following will happen :


You get to choose components, eg Admin Console, EV Services, then a deployment-scanner-esque set of checks runs, and you get an error if you have IE 6.  The installer will then exit. 


On a client, if you have IE 6 (on say Windows XP SP 2) when you try to install the Outlook Addin, the following happens :


The Addin actually installs.  However, per the above chart you wouldn’t be supported/certified if you had to call Support.

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  2 Responses to “Will IE 6 Ever Die?”

  1. Rob

    What really surprises me is that IE9 is not yet supported. It has been out for a while now (March, 14 was release date). It’s vendors like Symantec who hold up the spread of new Browsers, and new Security technology. I mean QA could be probably done testing in about a week, no?! 😉


    • I also think that IE 9 should be supported already. However, I don’t agree on the timing side of things.. it is a huge amount of effort that the Certification team has to go through, and they’re juggling a bunch of other things like Office 2010 SP 1, Windows 7 SP 1, and so on.

      With regards to IE 9, I see a bunch of defects raised against functionality in EV that is broken when IE 9 is used. Even down to crazy things like the Deployment Scanner report not loading correctly.

      There is much to do to “prove” a new browser works, clientside and serverside… it’s a work in progress.

      Hopefully (touch wood) work has begun on IE 10, ahead of the game 🙂

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