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Jul 282011

Touch wood it looks like my crashes, on my mixed bitness laptop have now stopped.  I wonder whether it was exacerbated by the crashes discovered with SearchProtocolHost and Office 2010 SP 1?  (That’s a blog for another day, once the issue is a bit more progressed).


Since fixing the SearchProtocolHost crashes I have not had any more Outlook crashes.


Of course, at the moment I’m running with a debugger attached to SearchProtocolHost and a debugger attached to Outlook.  So it could be that they are masking the Outlook crashes.  I don’t think they will mask the crashes in SearchProtocolHost though as with the debugger attached, and the fix “removed” I can crash SearchProtocolHost repeatedly, and regularly.


The plan then is to remove the debuggers from Outlook and SearchProtocolHost (adplus.vbs in crash mode, and DebugDiag respectively) later on today, and then perform the steps that would previously cause SearchProtocolHost to crash.. watching all the time for the spinning donut, and for event id 1000’s in the application event log.


I know you can never say never, but, I think that this is looking good towards being an interim fix, giving me back my stability, and, stopping the SearchProtocolHost crashes.

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  One Response to “Outlook and my crashes lately – 3”

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