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Jul 262011

I run Outlook 2010 SP 1 on both a Windows 7 x64 laptop (where it’s Outlook 2010 SP 1 x86) and on my quad core desktop (where it’s Outlook 2010 SP 1 x64).  I run the same version of the Enterprise Vault Outlook Addin on both machines, that being 9.0.2 build 1136, from the 9.0.2 Cumulative Client Hotfix.  It is of course, the English, HTTP client on both machines.

Something – just in the last few days has started to cause Outlook to crash regularly.  I’m talking every 10 minutes it seems.  It can be when I’m reading a mail, or running a quick step to move an item to a folder, and mark it as read.   And to make things even more odd, it’s only happening on my laptop… which is mixed bitness.

I have not *yet* figured it out, but so far my list of things to look into are :-

a/ Uninstall Office 2010 SP 1 on the mixed bitness machine, ie the laptop.

b/ Capture some user dumps on the laptop.

c/ Turn off Virtual Vault on the laptop (it is enabled on desktop and laptop at the moment)

d/ Try starting up in offline mode, and switching to online mode.

e/ Create a new OST file (Outlook cached mode) file on the laptop.

f/  Go to “Online” mode in Outlook on the laptop.

The above isn’t necessarily in the order that I am going to do them in, just a brain dump really, and I might add other things to the list as I go along.

I know that Outlook 2010 SP 1 isn’t yet officially certified by Symantec, but rather than wait until it is I’m trying to get to the bottom of this in case it should be something that affects the certification.

This is the first then in a short series of blogs where I aim to get to the bottom of the issue.

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  4 Responses to “Outlook and my crashes lately”

  1. i am running Outlook 2010 and just lately am having a similar issue – specifically it is crashing and restarting every 10 mins, like clockwork. I have tried to run it in safe mode, same issue. I have reinstalled Office 2012, but getting the same issue (but the send recieve is not generating any errors anymore). Any ideas?


    • Did you do the things mentioned in the follow – up posts?
      And do you mean Office 2013.. if so then it’s not likely to be the same issue I don’t think (or are you on Windows 7 etc) ?

      • yes, ran it in safe mode, no change. reinstalled, no change. exactly every 10 mins. I am running Office 2010.

        • Okay, well your best bet is to start a few forum post on the Symantec Connect forums and ask the community there. I will also likely respond 🙂

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