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Jul 142011

An issue that I thought we had resolved a long time ago crept again a week or so ago.  The issue that you can’t perform Enterprise Vault Outlook Addin actions on large numbers of items..  large being “about 250”.

This is apparent in an ONLINE Outlook profile, and it is because Exchange 2003 and later limit the number of objects that a user/client can have open at any one time.  The Outlook Addin touches/opens each item in your selection to check various properties on it.  Unfortunately the way that it is written at the moment is that this causes us to push against the default limit or 250 message objects…

You get a 9646 event on your Exchange Server, and it’ll tell you about hitting the objtMessage limit.  The following technet article goes in to a bit more detail about the limit, and it being a protection mechanism for Exchange :


The only ways around it with the Enterprise Vault Outlook Addin at the moment are :-

* Use Outlook Web Access (I don’t think that is affected)

* Use cached mode Outlook

* Increase the limit described above (but I wouldn’t recommend that, and neither does Microsoft from the looks of the Technet article)

Read a bit more about it, and subscribe for updates :


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  3 Responses to “Unable to restore many items using EV Outlook Addin”

  1. Hello,

    I wasn’t aware of this limit, and have tried restoring more than 250 items at a go. Now the mails have been in a limbo for the past 1 week with status “The item is being restored by database vault”. But there has been no restore actually. Can you please let me know what may I do now to restore the archived mails. Any new attempt to restore mail is taking the mail to the same status. Please help.

    • I’d suggest three things:

      a/ Try to DTrace and capture the issue – retrievaltask is a starting parting
      b/ Create a new forum post on the Symantec Connect Forums, plenty of people, including me, can help you there.
      c/ Contact SYMC Support.

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