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Jul 142011

I have a new Bluetooth keyboard.  I bought it for two reasons :

Primary Reason: I wanted it to plug into my iPad 2.  And it did… and worked instantly.

Secondary Reason: The keyboard I use against my laptop, when I’m at home, drives me mad, it’s so damn noisy!


This is the keyboard, I got in the end is this one :




It’s very small; about the same size as my HP Elitebook 8440p keyboard actually.  As I said it paired to my iPad very quickly, and after turning on Bluetooth on the iPad, and entering the 4 digit code that the iPad gave me using the keyboard – bingo.  All set.


Not so for the laptop!  I’ve done 3 or is it 4 reboots now.. but I finally have it working.  First of all I had to turn on Bluetooth in the HP Wireless Assistant.  On this laptop, only wireless was enabled.


Then on one of the machine reboots I couldn’t get it to say enabled, it kept saying it was disabled in device manager – but I couldn’t find anything relating to Bluetooth in Device Manager.  Another reboot cured that issue.

Finally I managed to “Add Device”, entered a longer code via the new keyboard, and waited some more.  It then said I had to check under Devices and Printers for the keyboard to show up.  Well it did, but I couldn’t type anything on it.  I right clicked on it, and went to properties then I had to go to the Services tab, and tick the box to get Windows to install the actual device driver from Windows Update.

And another reboot.

Seems okay now!  Oh and this is all on Windows 7 x64 Enterprise.

I’m glad it wasn’t complicated !!!

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