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Jul 122011

I’ve worked with Enterprise Vault for quite some time now.  The role I have within Engineering is varied, to say the least!  You rarely see any two problems that are even vaguely alike, and if you do they’re likely to be years apart. 

Every day is a school day !

One thing that I keep professing, to anyone who will listen, and also to those that don’t, is that we have to get the end-user experience spot-on/nailed/damn-near-perfect.  It’s all well and good make the VAC look pretty, or giving yet another way for Administrator to export an archive, but that’s a small percentage of users. 

The real users are those end-users.  The ones with Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Lotus Notes, DWA, Entourage and so on.

I’ve had the pleasure of having Outlook, and Outlook Web Access as focus areas for some time, and just now I was reminded of the reason why things like Outlook and Outlook Web Access are so important :


100 million+ users of Office 2010.  That’s awfully big audience of you do something wrong in that particular client.  Also look at the phenomenal take up of Windows 7.  400 million licenses in less than 2 years.  Who says people don’t take up new Microsoft products and OS’s in the “first wave” ?

It makes you pause and think for a moment, when the games is that big.

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