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Jul 072011

For those people that use virtual machines, and copy them, or do full clones of them… this is either something that is interesting, or something you already love to hate.


Yesterday I worked with a colleague (Hello Mr Kitt) to resolve an issue where he couldn’t install Enterprise Vault.  The issue went all the way back to cloning of a Windows 2008 R2 x64 machine.


Using the Sysinternals tool PSGetSID, we eventually saw :






After cloning this virtual machine, we saw :






Yes, they’re the same.


I’ve been familiar with NewSID, so my first suggestion was to run that, however, that has a known problem or two.  So we then ran Sysprep.  The default with Sysprep is :




Having done that, we discovered that the SIDs were still the same.  What we needed to do was tick the “generalize” checkbox.  (I’m sure this is a nice explanation of that option somewhere, but for now take look here – first post)

That cured the problem nicely!

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