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Jun 272011

Today has another short update in it I’m afraid.  I’ve been trying all day to switch to the Mac, but I just couldn’t get in to the swing of it 🙁  Sorry… I’m a bad person, I know.  I did however want to cover something that I had installed the other day, and didn’t mention it at the time.  Good old “Dropbox“.  I install it on anything and everything that I can, and use it for keeping files in synch (of course).  To be honest I wasn’t even aware that there was a Mac version, but there is.  

So I installed it on the Mac, and it runs at startup.  It’s got a nice unobtrusive icon, just like the PC version :

It’s the same icon as on the Window version, which makes it nice and easy for me to find..  You can see it in the screen grab above, right next to my new friend “Little Snapper”.

This is one of the way that I have been using to ship data to and from the Mac… and I’m sure I will continue using that, especially in the next day or two when I look towards the image/video editing from the weekend away.


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