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Jun 192011

Today is Download and Install Office 2011 Day.  It’s a cool 992 Mb (who said only stuff for Windows is huge!) so on my little old British Telecom internet connection it took a little while to pull down from the internet.  That said, when the download had finished, and the installer started, I was impressed by the smoothness.  

The install is very slick, much like Office 2010 for Windows, and you’ll need a cool 1.75 Gb of disk space to install the suite.  It only takes about 10 minutes though, which I think is pretty good – and seems much quicker to instal than Office 2010.   Right at the end of the install I was surprised when I was told that I need to close Google Chrome and Safari.  Oh well.. I did, and the install completed. Straight after that a wizard is run which enabled you to enter a product key.

First time you run something like Word it takes a little while, whilst a font cache is built, then you get a nice introductory walk through, telling you of the nice things in Word 2011, and then you get the New Document wizard a myriad of templates to choose from for your first document.

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