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Jun 182011

For a long time I have wanted a Mac of some sort.  The factor which prohibits me from getting one?  Well, I think it’s pretty much cost.  The price of a good Mac is just so much more than a PC.  On top of that a lot of the good software then has to be paid for.  Part of me still wants to buy one, they’re just so awesome whenever I get chance to play on them!

To try things out for sure, I decided to spend 30 Days with a Mac, and write a blog entry each day of my trials and tribulations.  Who knows when I get to the end of it, I might just buy myself a shiney Mac Book Pro.

So I think we can count this as Day 1.

First of all I have spent a few days running Mac OSX 10.6.2 in Virtual Box.  It’s been a bit hit and miss to say the least, but after I have done a fair amount of installing of bits, and getting used to it, I copy the .VDI file to a safe place.  That way if things go horribly wrong, I’ve got something to go back to, and I won’t have to go back all the way to beginning and do a fresh install.

Today though, being the first official day, I decided to upgrade to 10.6.4.  Almost 1 Gb to download that – which seems an awful lot even to me, a Windows user!   The upgrade went smoothly, and I installed a 10.6.4 Intel kernel too.  All is well, so far.

I suppose the first real thing that I’ve done is try to pick something to write the blog in.  I had a look around, and got some ideas from :



For now though, in order to get this post out, I installed Google Chrome, and, Scribefire.

I’m all nicely setup for the time being, and I’ll be sure to post some more tomorrow.  I think tomorrow’s task is to read the links above, and install Mac Office 2011.

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