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Jun 172011

As we know when opening an archived item with Outlook Web Access, the item is retrieved as a hidden message in the mailbox’s Deleted Items folder, and then displayed to the user.  The retrieval is done by the Shopping Service on the Enterprise Vault server.

An interesting issue came up today on the Connect Forums.

The customer had upgraded from EV 8 to 9.0.2, and since the upgrade if a user tries to open a mail only the shortcut is opened and the following is displayed in the header.

"The archived item is currently unavailable.
If you choose reply or forward, only the content shown below will be included.
Click here to preview the original item.”

If they click on the text the mail opens.

The OWA Diagnostic logs were showing :

09:58:07 [808,3] Query String parameters:
17/06/2011 09:58:07 [808,3]     ae: Item
17/06/2011 09:58:07 [808,3]     a: Open
17/06/2011 09:58:07 [808,3]     t: ipm.note.enterprisevault.shortcut
17/06/2011 09:58:07 [808,3]     id: RgAAAl+BwDQX97/9ELV0gAAAABKvLAAAJ
17/06/2011 09:58:07 [808,3]     EVItemUnavailable: 1
17/06/2011 09:58:07 [808,3]     EVReason: 560 ERR Restoration of the basket by the Shopping Service failed.

A DTRACE showed :

34 12:56:56.609  [9720] (w3wp) <6740> EV~E Event ID: 5218 The Retrieval Service on computer vaultserver1.xxx.xx is not running. The Shopping Service cannot restore any baskets until the Retrieval Service is running. |

Now the Retrieval Service isn’t really the retrieval service.. it’s RetrievalTask.exe, and, it’s not a task or service that you will see in the Vault Admin Console.  What happens is that you get one per archiving task, and there is the clue.  The Archiving Task has to be running.  In this case the customer had disabled it, so that they could perform the upgrade, but hasn’t yet re-enabled it.

An interesting one!

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