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Jun 102011

Love them or hate them many organisations have PSTs in use in their Outlook community.. ie everyone in the entire organisation!  I spotted this useful little tool the other day called, oddly, PFBackup


It’s odd… It’s been around “forever” and I never knew it existed.  Every day is a school day!

I decided to give it a whirl and see what it does, here is how I got on.

Following the installation, you see an extra entry on the File menu :


As I am a curious type I had a look in the Outlook options, and you can see it’s a COM Add-in :


When you launch File –> Backup from the Outlook menu, you see the following little dialog :


If you click on Options, you see the following dialog where you can customise when the backup runs, which PST’s it backups and where the backup will be created :


If you then start the backup, you will see :


When Outlook restarts, you’ll see a dialog showing you the progress of the “backup” ie copy.  When you next open the PST Backup Utility you see :


And here is where the backup file lives on disk :


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  One Response to “PST Backup”

  1. Hello,

    Excellent utility and a solution to get back your data after corruption of PST file due to various reasons.

    But what about Outlook 2010 because the utility works only till version 2007 and so many users have now starts working on this new version.



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