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Jun 102011

A question which was asked by a colleague the other day, following my post on VCView was:

How do I monitor uploads of items from Vault Cache?

So if you remember, VCView monitors the .DB files which the Enterprise Vault Server is creating, along with the users progress in downloading them.   It doesn’t monitor the creation of the MDC, nor does it monitor the uploads of items from Vault Cache to the users archive.  Items are uploaded using uploaditem.aspx, a user would drag and drop something from their mailbox to a folder in Virtual Vault.  At the next Vault Cache synchronisation each of those items results in an uploaditem.aspx request.

There are two things to this that are worth noting :

a/ Ensure IIS is properly configured

By this I mean that you need to make sure that IIS is configured to log out to it’s log file the following :

  • Bytes Sent (sc-bytes)
  • Bytes Received (cs-bytes)
  • Time Taken (time-taken)

Bytes Received will show the amount of data that was sent in the upload from the client.  This is useful in that you might want to see how much data is being pushed by user by day, rather than just the number of items.

b/ Use some LogParser analysis

What you can do is the following sort of thing :

logparser -i:iisw3c "select TO_STRING(time, ‘HH’) as hour, count(*) as Hits from iis_ex110215.log where cs-uri-stem like ‘%uploaditem.aspx%’ group by Hour" –q on

Of course you can knock-your-self-out and make that in to a nice ASPX page, daily report or whatever, but that’s a blog for another day.

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