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Jun 102011


The Enterprise Vault Common Task Launch Pad (CTLP) is a collection of tools available in the Vault Admin Console which allow EV Administrators to quickly access key areas of administration and monitoring.

How to see the CTLP

You can access the CTLP by opening the VAC and clicking on an Enterprise Vault site as shown below:

This front screen shows you one key thing, which comes in to play later.  It shows you who you are logged in as, in the top right hand corner.

If you click on the small arrow next to each title area, in the CTLP, you will see common tasks, for example :

Operations Available

You can see straight away that some often obscure features are exposed for you to use almost immediately.  Take, for example, the “Display Policies Assigned to Mailboxes” at the top right of Mailbox Management.  Normally to access this you have to go expand Targets, and then right click on Exchange (or Domino) and choose “Display Policies Assigned to Mailboxes” from the pop-out menu.  Instead it’s now exposed here.  If you double click on it you can choose whether it’s Domino or Exchange you’re interested in, and then proceed to see the policies assigned.  This is much quicker, and is a common thing for administrators in large environments to need to do.

The Common Task Launch Pad is also Roles Based Administration (RBA) aware.  This means that if you open the Vault Admin Console as a user who has just the Storage Management Role then they will see :

Being RBA aware means that you can install the Vault Admin Console on machines other than the Enterprise Vault Server and do common, delegated tasks, and monitoring much more easily.

In the screenshot below you can also see that each task, when you hover over it, has a tooltip, explaining what the task does.  This is a helpful reminder to non-fulltime Enterprise Vault Administrators :


The Common Task Launch Pad was introduced in Enterprise Vault 8, and provides a convenient powerful way-in to many common Enterprise Vault administration tasks.  It is Roles Based Authorisation aware, so people who aren’t using the Vault Service Account will see appropriately pared down options in the launch pad.

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