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Jun 072011

Whilst on holiday in Cyprus I, of course, took a few short videos.  I haven’t really looked at them, yet, they’re still on the iPhone or Samsung or iPod.

I did however spot this in the blog stream when I got back :




It’s a short video of how to shoot better video – at least I’ll be able to use the main set of tips for the editing that I’ll do on the videos I took, when I get them off the devices :


Tip 1
Think in shots
— ie don’t run the camera non-stop
— aim deliberately
— point at different things, and pause when things get bording

Tip 2
Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes
— Focus on the face, as most of what we video is people
— Stay close to your subject

Tip 3
Keep the brightest light behind you

Tip 4
Keep your video camera still, like a normal camera
— Move, point, shoot, stop

Tip 5
Keep your video short
— Take the length it should be, and cut it by 2/3’s

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