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May 272011

Whilst a short blog entry can’t do a topic like this justice in terms of covering all the information needed, it did come up as an interesting question today on the forums.  The question really is :

How does Enterprise Vault perform in a virtual environment?

The answer is that it performs well, and there is a fair amount of useful information in the Performance Tuning Guide ( I couldn’t find an EV 9 one, so please let me know the link if you do find it ! )


In short a well configured virtual environment, be it VMWare Workstation, VMWare ESX/GSX, Microsoft Hyper V, etc, etc, should work well… but of course you are increasing the variables somewhat.  By that I mean you have to have good knowledge of how Enterprise Vault works, and also good knowledge of the virtualisation tier… or a friend that has that knowledge Smile

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  1. Enterprise Vault 9.0 Performance Guide Link:

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