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May 222011

A few people have asked the question in the last week or two..  The question is whether there is a way to delete “thousands” of archives at a time.  The answer to this at the moment is no, you can’t do that.  The Enterprise Vault API doesn’t allow you to delete archives, and the Vault Admin Console only allows you to delete one at a time (you can’t multi-select).

It’s a bug-bear for some, especially those that have run scripts and gotten a lot of archives created, sometimes in error, or for those that have large organisations and are processing many, many leavers (and new hire) requires.

So if it’s a problem that is high on your list, then you should contact the Account Management or Product Management teams and request the feature be added – or pop it in the Ideas section, and everyone can vote on it.

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  2 Responses to “Bulk Deleting of Archives”

  1. Hi,

    Is there any update yet about this “bug”?



    • Have you discussed the need with your Account Management Team?
      I’ve not heard any updates internally. And it’s an enhancement, rather than bug.

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