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May 192011

An interesting question on these very forums appeared earlier today..  the question is :

How do I rename a user’s archive?

On the face of it it sounds quite simple, but it’s actually got a twist in it.

So let’s take our test user, Sabina.  If you find her archive in the Vault Admin Console, and right click on it, you can choose Properties.  Note at this point the name of the archive is Sabina Rogers.

The properties page looks like this :

You can see i’ve alredy changed her name at the top .. and changed the description near the bottom.

It looks good after you make the change, but, the next time that the Mailbox Synchronisation process runs, it’ll end up getting reset.  Well, the name will.  The description stays put :

You can modify this by editing the mailbox archiving policy for this user, and setting the value to OFF, rather than ON:

Now if you change the entry for the user, and, do a synchronise, the change will stick :

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