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May 192011

A colleague of my pointed these out the other day, and it’s actually quite interesting.  The issue is that Enterprise Vault was shutting down because of the number of errors encountered, and whilst it’s bad that the errors are being logged, not all errors are equal.  Sometimes people want to override this shutdown, and it’s described in these two links :



So the first link – even though the formatting for me, is a bit … wrong… shows you a bunch of different registry keys such as :

See Critical
See DelFilesOlderThanHours
See DelFileTypes
See EVConvertersEventLogFull
See EVEventLogFull
See MaxArchivesToFind
See MonitorDiskFreeMb
See NoMonitor
See PollingInterval
See SkipChecks
See SPSOnly
See UseMQCounterMethod
See Warning


It’s actually that first one that will enable you to turn off the feature of shutting down the Enterprise Vault services when too many errors are logged.  That link in the technote takes you to the second link above.  In there you will see :


This is sometimes to referred to as EVFrenzy.

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