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May 122011

An oddity was uncovered the other day, which will hopefully be addressed soon.  It is something that will affect other customers I’m sure, so let me try to explain it – perhaps it’ll avoid a Support call for some people.


If you have Enterprise Vault OWA extensions installed, configured, and working on your Exchange 2010 SP 1 CAS’s, and you have configured your archiving policy to “not create shortcuts”, you’ll find that if Conversation View is turned on in OWA, and a user manually archives an item, it’ll still get a shortcut created… even though the policy says not to.  Remember you might have turned off shortcuts because you’re going to deploy Virtual Vault, for end users, and people using OWA will be using Archive Explorer if required.


You can get around the issue, by turning off Conversation View..  the behaviour works correctly in that situation.


It’s a bit of an oddity, and the Outlook Addin doesn’t do this behaviour..  It does the right thing in that if the policy says “no shortcut”, then you get no shortcut.


So it’s just something to be aware of, and is something that will be hopefully fixed by a service pack “in the near future”.

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