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May 062011

I got asked about this the other day :

“What is a seamless shortcut?”

First of all it is referring to a shortcut in Sharepoint.  When Enterprise Vault archiving for Sharepoint first came about, once archived, an item was replaced by a HTML reference.  This was fairly unsophisticated, and broke some bits of Sharepoint functionality – like document routing, and the icon being different etc.

In Enterprise Vault 8 Service Pack 3 seamless shortcuts were introduced.  What happens now is that when an item is archived, the original file “appears” to be left behind.  In fact there are one or two properties added to it, and the bulk of the item is removed.  There is an Enterprise Vault HTTP module which “understands” these properties, and once interfaced with Sharepoint means that when a user clicks on a seamless shortcut, the data is retrieved from Enterprise Vault, and given back to the Sharepoint client.

Seamless Shortcuts are obviously FAR better, as they look the same as the original item (icons etc) only smaller, and they don’t break any document routing functionality.  In addition if Sharepoint indexing is enabled it can index the full content of the items still, which is pretty handy (the items are retrieved from Enterprise Vault, temporarily, just like a user retrieving an item)

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