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Apr 282011


If you’re getting an archiving error with Enterprise Vault for Exchange, and the error is that PI_BuildSaveset failed, with the error code 0x80004005, it might be down to which global catalogue server/servers Enterprise Vault is talking to. 


There is more information available in the following article which describes the event log messages you may receive, and if you have a DTRACE to hand, take a look for entries like this :


645         09:28:29.411       [3508]  (ArchiveTask)    <5004> EV:M     CArchivingAgent::PI_BuildSaveset – exiting function
646         09:28:29.411       [3508]  (ArchiveTask)    <5004> EV:H      CArchivingAgent::PI_BuildSaveset – HRXEX fn trace : Unexpected fn exit path, returning error 0x80004005, .ArchivingAgent.cpp [lines {15779,15786,15793,15797,15801,15803,15814,15819,15907,15977,15988}], built Mar 14 10:54:46 2011.
647         09:28:29.411       [3508]  (ArchiveTask)    <5004> EV:M     CArchivingAgent::ProcessItemInternal – Call to PI_BuildSaveset Failed RetryCount[0] [0x80004005]
648         09:28:29.411       [3508]  (ArchiveTask)    <5004> EV:L       :CArchivingAgent::ProcessItem() |Exiting routine |




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