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Apr 082011

Every day I’m deluged with email. I’m sure you are the same!?! Take a few days off, and when you return, jeez, it’s like the end of the world ! I am trying out a few different things, and taking the following two articles in to account, which I found quite interesting :

11 Tips for Dealing with Email Overload

10 Tips: My Personal journey towards maintaining Inbox Zero

GTD – Using Outlook to colour code emails

So the thing that I am trying, and have been semi successful with over the last 3-4 months is as follows. I created a folder under my mailbox called ~todo. That’s so that it stands out near the top, and is outside the Inbox. Under ~todo, I’ve created a series of folders :

1-Mon, 2-Tue, 3-Wed, 4-Thu, 5-Fri

When I scan my inbox in the morning, or any time during the day, I look for stuff that doesn’t need to be done right now, and pop it in to the appropriate folder.  At the beginning of a particular day I look in the folder, and work out whether I still need to do the activities/questions therein, and either start doing them, or move them to a different day.  At the end of a particular day, I do the same.  It’s working out quite well so far.

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