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Apr 072011

A question came up today about the Enterprise Vault Outlook Addin and “more” languages.

As you may know the Addin already ships in quite a few languages, and that list increases over time.  For Enterprise Vault 2007 we shipped the following :











Traditional Chinese

Simplified Chinese

For Enterprise Vault 8 Polish and Russian were added to the list.

For Enterprise Vault 9 Korean was added (actually it was added in EV 8 Service Pack 1)

And in Enterprise Vault 10 … oh, well, sorry, I’m not allowed to say in case some people arrive in the middle of the night and beat me up.

There is a nice section or two in the Compatibility Charts, these cover what has been localised in each of the major releases (eg EV 8 and EV 9)

The question is though, what about the missing ones?  Well if you contact your Account Management team and put a business case forward for a particular additional language, that winds up going to the Product Management team.  If/when a strong enough case (or sufficient quantity of cases) appears then the additional languages are “developed”, tested and delivered as appropriate.

Here is a cool list of languge codes (we include those in the name of the file for easy reference too) : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms533052(v=vs.85).aspx

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