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Mar 092011

One of the neat things in Outlook is being able to browse to web sites within Outlook..  and to even have a folder whereby when you click on it, a web page will be displayed.  You can take advantage of this and get Outlook to launch Enterprise Vault’s Archive Explorer or “integrated” Search as follows.

Archive Explorer

Create a new folder anywhere you like in Outlook, called for example AE.

Open the properties of that folder, and click on Home Page.

Paste the full URL to your Enterprise Vault Archive Explorer page.

Tick the box “Show homepage by default for this folder”.

Click Ok.


Now when you click on that folder Archive Explorer will be shown :



You can follow the steps above for Search, and when you click on that you’ll see :


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  2 Responses to “Launch Search or AE off a folder in Outlook”

  1. This feature is nice for various purposes, but activating it makes all the emails stored in this folder “invisible”. Is there a way to get the best of both worlds? Or, perhaps to have the link show up in “link pane” next to the regular email content list?

  2. No, unfortunately you can’t do that – Outlook limitation.

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