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Mar 082011

I spotted the following Outlook registry key lurking on the internet the other day :

To force Unicode or ANSI PSTs, navigate to


Add the NewPSTFormat value with one of the following values:

  • Prefer Unicode PST: 0 (default)
  • Prefer ANSI PST: 1
  • Enforce Unicode PST: 2
  • Enforce ANSI PST: 3
    N = your version of Outlook, 11 = Outlook 2003, 12 = Outlook 2007, 14 = Outlook 2010

It’s a messy one!  If you have the key set to 3, you get NO Vault Cache whatsoever.  No content, no metadata, nothing.  I’ve not tried all the other options, but it’s for sure something to check, if you’re not getting any Vault Cache created.  I also didn’t see any error messages anywhere!

If anyone finds, or knows of any other "killer" Outlook registry keys, I’d be happy to hear about.

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