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Mar 042011

I am currently looking at an issue where the Enterprise Vault converters take a high percentage of CPU.  On my run of the mill reproduction box, which is a single processor VMWare image, EVConverterSandbox runs at 100% CPU, when I observe it in :

* Task Manager

* Performance Monitor

Now here is the interesting thing.  On a dual processor machine, it is different :

In Task Manager I see 50% CPU for EVConverterSandbox

In Perfmon I see 100% CPU for EVConverterSandbox.

Pushing this out further, on a 4×4 server (4 quad core processors), the maximum for any process is just 6.25% CPU.  Something to watch out for, especially when you’re browsing for “high” CPU usage processes…

I’m not sure this is common across all machines, or just my virtual machines – but it’s definitely something to watch out for !

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  One Response to “Perfmon percentages”

  1. This one is old but still good as I think this can be different for multi-threaded processes which are spread along different cores,


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