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Feb 112011

A question was posted internally asking about how to exclude particular messages classes being synched to Vault Cache/Offline Vault.  Up came the thought of using OVMessageClassExclude, it certainly SOUNDS like it should fit the bill.  Unfortunately that’s not the case:

From a glance back through internal change logs it looks like this setting was added a long time ago (I can find references to it in EV 2007 SP 5, for example).  However what it does is stop the pre-emptive cached (trawling of the OST file) of particular message classes.

To test it, I had a bunch of archived items, and then a handful of new messages that I just sent. 


After the initial download if you then open the .DB file (close Outlook, copy the .DB file, and rename it to PST, open Outlook and add in the PST file) you see the following :


And you can see it being trawled, and added to the .DB file :


And in the trace you would see :

03/02/2011 17:58:14.197[3448]: TRAWL: Processing item: testme

03/02/2011 17:58:14.198[3448]: TRAWL:             Message class not excluded ‘IPM.Note’

03/02/2011 17:58:14.198[3448]: TRAWL: CCTrawler::EligibleForCaching: 0x0

03/02/2011 17:58:14.199[3448]: CCGeneral::CalculateAgentDate: 0x0

03/02/2011 17:58:14.199[3448]: ~CCGeneral::CalculateAgentDate: 0x40380

03/02/2011 17:58:14.200[3448]: TRAWL:             Age of item in days ‘0’

03/02/2011 17:58:14.200[3448]: TRAWL:             Message size in bytes ‘1149412’

03/02/2011 17:58:14.200[3448]: TRAWL:             Item eligible – older than Inactivity Period + Lead Time

03/02/2011 17:58:14.201[3448]: TRAWL: ~CCTrawler::EligibleForCaching: 0x0

03/02/2011 17:58:14.201[3448]: TRAWL:             About to insert item

03/02/2011 17:58:14.202[3448]: TRAWL: CCTrawler::InsertItem: 0x0

03/02/2011 17:58:14.202[3448]: CONTENT: ContentCacheImpl::InsertItem

I then set OVMessageClassExclude to IPM.Note.  After resetting vault cache and letting it build, and then restarting Outlook I checked it wasn’t in any DB file…and then let the trawler run.

This time I see :


And the trace shows the items weren’t trawled.

03/02/2011 18:05:06.147[ 920]:     OVMESSAGECLASSEXCLUDE = IPM.Note

03/02/2011 18:05:06.148[ 920]:     OVMESSAGECLASSINCLUDE = REPORT.IPM*;IPM.Post*;IPM.Note*;IPM.Document*;IPM.*;


BUT unfortunately you don’t see a nice bit of trace like earlier, where you see an item that does get trawled.  This time if you search for testme, the only thing you see is the PVID being removed, you don’t see it being nicely shown and excluded… that part is a bug to be raised Smile

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