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Jan 282011

Another issue I worked on recently, and the fix will be released soon is an Outlook crash.  These I always take particularly seriously, even if the way of making the crash happen is obscure.  I’m not saying that this use case is obscure, it’s just not a use case that I use … ever.

So, with Outlook 2010 in cached mode, and the Enterprise Vault 9.0.1 Outlook Addin installed, if you right click a search folder and choose “Open in New Window”, Outlook will crash.

There are slight variations (for example on my Windows 7 x64 machine the crash happens when I close the new window, rather than straight away) but the problem is that Outlook crashes and we “sort of” cause that to happen – which is never a good thing.  The real cause under the covers is a problem with an Outlook function that we call, which doesn’t behave correctly on search folders… but we will still fix this under “our” covers.

Keep an eye on this Technote (it will actually be fixed soon, so ignore that part!) :


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