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Jan 242011

A rather cool utility from EMC is called JCASScript :


It lets you do stuff from the command line against a Centera.  You need a Java Runtime too :


The download from EMC requires a free login.  To use it you then do this :

Fire up JCASScript (requires Java runtime) or CASScript.exe

poolOpen ipAddress *can use ‘po ipAddress’, also use ‘?’ for help

e.g. po

clipOpen contentAddress

e.g. co 2RGPDMAIG8D51eAMOCBFS25BBK2G415357TU510G996D0BM2P833O

clipRawRead contentAddress filename *this Saveset the CDF

e.g. crr 2RGPDMAIG8D51eAMOCBFS25BBK2G415357TU510G996D0BM2P833O c:myCDF.xml

‘Quit’ to exit.

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