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Jan 232011

After many years of forgetting about this..  I was reminded of it the other day, so I thought I would share with the community.  First of all my systems are in English, this will become relevant at the end of this post, trust me!  I often have my archived items create a nice shortcut in Exchange, containing links to attachments, and some text from the original message body, eg 30-100 characters – depending on which repro system I’m using.  The setting I’m about to describe is best worked through an example.  So consider an email which has the message body like this :


You’ll find the file you want in c:temp

Now, when that gets archived, I see this :


The slash has gone!  Further people with foreign language emails (Russian for example) often have this problem where the preview is just “bad” or “wrong” looking.


It used to be a registry key but now (and in all EV 8 and onwards versions) you can change this behaviour with the archiving advanced policy setting called “Encode custom body using appropriate code pages“ as shown below :


The first example was done with the policy set to “Off”, and the example below is done with the policy set to “on”, and the mailbox synchronised.


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