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Jan 062011

I’m curious as to whether people are moving Enterprise Vault environments to (say) Windows 2008 R2 x64.  I know if I worked in the real world I would be moving environments that way.  Even though Enterprise Vault is a 32 bit product, it will still gain some advantages with running on Windows 2008 R2 x64.

My next question is how are people doing this migration?

Have many people used the article provided by Symantec? :


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  One Response to “Going to 64 Bit?”

  1. Hello Rob,

    Where I am now, a big International Dutch Bank, we’ve upgraded several regions running an EV-install to W2008R2. We use the ‘building block’ way to do so. In short: Failover the live EV-server to the DR-server, after having made sure indexes and data was fully replicated. Rebuild the live-server to W2008R2 using the same machinename, install the pre-reqs, install EV again, configure it to join existing site, and as it has the same name and alias, it will configure itself. Failback to the new 2008r2 server. Rebuild the DR-server.

    We did 5 sites like this, 2 to go. We’ve looked at the document, but using the building blocks seems to be easier. We even (at 1 small site which has no DR-server) installed a temporary VM to use as DR server).

    Gertjan (Gertjana in the forum 😉 )

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