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Dec 232010

I’ve written about Three before.  Their ability to impress never ceases to amaze me 😉

Since we have no mobile reception at home, despite their web site saying we should have some reception in doors and good reception outdoors, they’ve given me a number of options:

1.  Cancel the contract.

2.  Transfer the contract to someone that we know that wants a Three contract.

3.  Have a £3 a month recurring discount applied to both contracts that we have.

The cancellation seemed a viable option, until they then explain their completely broken process of giving a PAC code, and unlocking the phone on the last day.  The PAC then can’t be used, because it’s not an “active” transfer which is what places like O2 and Vodafone want, according to their respective web sites.  They then mention the cost of £15 per month which the manufacturers charge them for unlocking the phones – yeah right.  On top of that they want the costs of the handset … £470 for the iPhone 4, and £390 for the Samsung Galaxy S.  I asked if that was on top of the £190 and £50 we’ve already paid.  Apparently not; they will deduct what we’ve already paid, provided we FAX THEM A RECEIPT… bearing in mind we bought these from Three stores in the first place!

Cancellation is, therefore, a non-option.

£3 a month recurring discount seems the way to go.  It takes the guy about 10 minutes to apply it to both contracts, in total.  That seemed like a long time, but was put in the background when I asked them to send me confirmation of this update via :

1.  Text

2.  Email.

3.  Letter.

One of the options was fine for me.

They couldn’t do either.  How ridiculous.

Eventually after a lot of pushing, and time spent on the phone with them, they sent me an email.  Here it is :

Notice the glaringly obvious mistakes?

1.  Who the heck is Mrs Flitt?

2.  What the hell are those two “random looking” numbers.

It turns out that Mrs Flitt was a mistake.  And the random looking numbers are contract numbers, internal to Three!

A little while later, and some ranting on the phone, and I get a PROPER email from them.  I ask as well what they’re going to do to compensate me for my time spent, on my phone bill, and my time, trying to sort this out.

They’re going to deduct another £5 from my bill as a one-off….. but they can’t send me confirmation of that!

It seems that they’re able to text me, when my bill is due, text me when I’ve got voicemail, text me junky special offers, send me emails when their iPad offer becomes live, and send me a least one piece of junk mail per week.. but when it comes to me wanting communication from them… they have NO CLUE.

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