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Dec 102010

Several people have asked the question about which flavour of the Enterprise Vault Outlook add-in they should install now that Enterprise Vault 9.0.1 is out properly (as opposed to the Early Release Client).  The answer depends in part whether or not :-

* You have Outlook 2010 users in the your environment

* You “need” any of the DCOM client functionality

For the record, DCOM client functionality consists of :

* When manually archiving an item, you get the chance to choose different options, such as the archive it goes to, rather than the “default” archive for the user

* When restoring an archived item, you can choose where the restored item should go to

* You can view the Enterprise Vault tab on the properties of a folder


So if you don’t require any of those features, roll out the Lite/HTTP client.


If you are a pure Outlook 2010 environment, then, the only client is the Lite/HTTP client.


If you have a mixture of Outlook versions, including Outlook 2010, but don’t need the DCOM client functionality, then use the Lite/HTTP client on all machines.


The tricky one is what you should do if you have a mixture of Outlook versions, and you do need DCOM functionality.  You will need to deploy based on the Outlook version, using your favourite software distribution package.  Remembering that the Outlook 2010 HAS to get the Lite/HTTP client.

In the future the plan is to have the DCOM functionality added to the Lite/HTTP client.. meaning that long term there will be only one client.  However, there are no timescales for that at this time.

It is also worth remembering that the Lite/HTTP client will work Outlook 2010 32 bit, as well as Outlook 2010 64 bit.

Final point to remember is that Outlook 2010 is not supported on the Enterprise Vault server at the present time.

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