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Nov 082010

Whilst waiting for my repair chap today, I made the (fatal?) mistake of calling our IT Helpdesk to get a new software token for VPN usage.

After 30 minutes of being on hold, I got validated by the support person (the employee ID stuff, and what not), and then got disconnected!  D’oh…  I waited 5 minutes, they didn’t call back.

I called them back..  50 minutes on hold, before I spoke to someone, then 15 minutes of faffing about, and I now have a new working token.

It’s a good job I had nearly 2 hours to spare 😉

This afternoon 3:30pm came and went, without my little repair chap.  At about 4:15pm I called them, and said that I was about to leave for the day, so even if the guy turned up, he’d either have to diagnose and replace the parts in 5 minutes, or I’d be gone, and he can’t stay on his own.  They asked when I wanted a “repeat” visit, so I said tomorrow morning.  They couldn’t give me a time yet though.

About 5 minutes later I got a call from the repair chap, in our car park!  He said he’d spoken to the office, and understood that I was leaving, but wanted me to take a replacement screen from him, so whoever visits tomorrow at least has the spare “part”.  He seemed like a nice chap when I went down to meet him… and now I’ve got the new screen in a box on my desk.  He estimated it would take 30-45 minutes to replace.

Now, I have to wait till tomorrow, and I need to ring the repair firm (again) to ask roughly when in the morning, the chap might be arriving.

More fun to come 🙂

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